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This blog is about my upcoming trip by bike to South America. I will be cycling from Argentina to Bolivia, starting next November. I've been to Brazil for 3 months back in 2012, traveling by foot and bus, and the idea of coming back to the continent stayed with me since then. I wasn't a bike traveller then, and I've grown a lot as a person as well, so I'm expecting a totally different yet wonderful experience. 

Why am I doing this? I'm going on this trip because I want to discover the Andes. I've been drawn to this great rocky part of the world for a while now, for it holds some of the biggest, richest natural landscapes, rivers, forests, mountains. So far my bike tours have been exclusively in Europe, on well paved roads. This time, I want to push myself and see what it's like to cycle on dirt roads, climb steep rocky paths, get to meet the incredible range of civilisation within the several countries I will cross. I'm also leaving because I feel compelled to travel as much as I can before my time runs out. Touring the world, meeting different people, sharing life experience has been a better teacher than any school has ever been for me.

I'm currently living in the second biggest city in France (Lyon), working every day to finance this project, and I've grown tired of being tied down by this kind of lifestyle (rent, bills, find a steady job, then later buy a house, get settled down, days and weeks that pretty much always look alike...). It is getting clearer and clearer that there is more to life than this... at least for now!! I've chosen to do this by bike, because it provides me with a great sense of freedom, it is environmentaly friendly, and often leads to great human contact. I'm a bike mechanic, and obviously in love with the whole concept of this unique machine! Along my trip, I'd like to find the oportunity to share my technical expertise, just as well as my knowledge of English, French and Portuguese I'm also planning on WWOOFing along the way. I've had a very positive experience with that back in 2010 in Ireland, and it would be a good oportunity to renew it.

I've been debating wether to take the plane or the boat, the first option being quite expensive and very polluting, I turned towards the second one. So I'll be embarking on a either a sailboat or a cruiseship relocating for the season. The sailboat is definetely the cleanest option, but having no previous experience in that area, it might be harder for me the find a skipper that will hire me. I'd still like to get to cross the Pacific that way, for I think it is a unique experience, where one can learn much about himself (and sailing!).

You can check out the previsionnal route sheet in the tab "route"!

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